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    Introducing Solstus Solar Monitor

    Compact Img for Raspberry Pi

    Monitor and track your Solar installation 24/7

    On Voltronic type inverters

    MFC Solstus Monitor screenshot

    for small to medium sized Home or Business Solar installations

    Additional Information

    Supported Platforms

    Recommended Raspberry Pi model 4 2 Gig or better

    Compatible with Raspberry Pi model 3 B+

    Easy to setup, just flash the image file to an SD card, connect Raspberry to Voltronics inverter then boot up Raspberry

    Full support for Pylontech and Narada BMS Batteries

  • Intelligent Mode Switching based on customizable SOC limits
  • Multiple devices can access information inside your network or remotely
  • Solar, Utility and Battery usage stats for up to a year
  • Compatible with Voltronics Type Inverters such as Axpert KS, MKSII and KING
  • Easy install and set up
  • Pylontech Support
  • Narada Support
  • All features available remotely or locally
  • Does not require a screen to be present
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Easy to setup Remote Access. Access your setup form anywhere in the world, securely
  • Main Dashboard

    Solatus Screenshot 1 Solatus Screenshot 2

    Tracking power consumption

    Solatus Screenshot 3

    Version 0.14 (15 Oct 2020)

  • Added Send Pylon BMS Wakeup again if after 10 minutes no data is received
  • Added Narada BMS wakeup/Anti-theft toggle from 0 to 15 in stack. Before queries start
  • Added GPIO Buzzer for low soc percentage - require buzzer hardware
  • Added GPIO Auxiliary Fan using GPIO pin for additional cooling based on Inverter Temps
  • Added Default LAN IP address assigned for Initial Config via LAN port LAN Set to > on all Images
  • Added Additional OOBE elaboration/descriptions for user experience.
  • Fixed Power Usage data Calculations not reporting correct kWh values
  • Alter Front-end usage chart description of units. Changed KWH to KW.
  • Remove XRDP from image > Causes issues with double sessions being started. Use VNC instead

  • Version 0.9 - 0.13 (10 Sep 2020)

  • Added Startup modes option for front end. Real Time or Interval
  • Added Clear Triggers option - Truncate Database Table
  • Added Ability to change voltages on inverter using front-end values
  • Added PV freeze option for 3.3v hardware relays switching
  • Added CSV File Exporting of PV Data
  • Added XRDP to image. Allowing native Windows RDP to be used
  • Added VNC enabled by default in image (use a free real VNC account to gain remote access)
  • Added SSH enabled by default
  • Added Front-end Battery volts chart under Battery Info tab
  • Added Front-end Force Update Option
  • Added Another More pylonTech cable ID's to back-end
  • Added Dashboard Inverter count indicator - for parallel setups coming later
  • Added Battery Equalization Parameters
  • Added Change Output Source Priority based on Time Table and OPT In Settings
  • Added Internal CSS and Font-end > All Assets are Hosted locally now
  • Added Description to inverter values when blank or not loaded
  • Added Warning and additional information to Inverter values tab
  • Fixed Pylontech and Narada incorrect battery count in front-end
  • Fixed Output Frequency setting not loading value correctly in front-end
  • Fixed Activation issue when re-activating image in some cases
  • Fixed Gauges not displaying values when in real time mode at startup
  • Fixed Some commands that didn't work as expected
  • Fixed Socket buffers > Recoded > Data Size doesn't matter any more
  • Fixed Front-end csv exporting only defaulting to one option
  • Fixed Settings tabs in front end effects and colour schema
  • Fixed Anydesk using same identifier for multiple Pi's > .Img changes
  • Changed voltronic response processing - RM CRC
  • Changed Zerotier join networking logic to issue new Cipher

  • Version 0.9 (25 Aug 2020)

  • Initial Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 4 Buster Release
  • Pylontech Support
  • Narada Support
  • Voltronic Type Inverter Support Eg. Axpert MKSII / KING
  • Remote Access Capable
  • Available Downloads

    Solstus Solar Monitoring System For Raspberry Pi

    For 1 User License
    • Recommended for Raspberry Pi Model 4 2Gig and Better
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
    • Online Product Activation is required
    • Support for Pylontech and Narada BMS Communication
    • FileSize: 1.39 GB
    Purchase License Download .Img File for Raspberry Pi