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    MFC Software Projects

    Browse some of our paid for, and freely available software


    Solstus Solar Monitoring IoT Software

    A Raspberry Pi IoT Linux project used to monitor Solar installations from anywhere Track your power usage up to a year and monitor the real-time status of your solar system Support for Voltronics, Pylontech and Narada BMS. Perfect for home or business users with solar installations.



    MFC Internet Timer

    A free small standalone internet cafe timer for Linux and Windows It does not require a server and is completely stand alone. it works well on GNOME, Cinnamon, KDE and Windows desktops. XFCE and LXDE was not tested. MFC Internet Timer is maintained by Micro Fusion Computers.



    TeknoMW3 InfinityScripts

    InfinityScript is a C# scripting add-on originally developed for the 4D1 project to use on servers. The InfinityScript library was ported and works on TeknoMW3 servers too. This selection is to improve TeknoMW3 servers by making use of InfinityScripts.