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    About Micro Fusion Computers

    Technology Re-imagined And Refined

    Anton Silvers


    CEO & Founder

    Passionate About Technology

    I am the Founder of Micro Fusion Computers (MFC), a professional system administrator, Full Stack Web Developer and programmer experiences in C# and Qt C++.

    With over 20 years experience in the Information Technology fields ranging from Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOS. I custom build high performance gaming systems and servers alike.

    Over the years I have contributed to numerous projects from programming, to Server system implementations, gaming LAN events, prototyping robotics and designs of all sorts.

    Recently I created Solstus, an IoT Solar monitoring applicated that can be used to monitor solar installations. Designed for the Raspberry Pi and Other Linux Systems.

    I've seen so many computer systems being assembled messy and incorrectly. Some of which barely works or last but a year. MFC aims to change this. We strive to deliver affordable quality and reliability not only in our system builds but our development as well. Any MFC System should be a work of art. A marvel to behold equal in performance and reliability.

    Micro Fusion Computers was founded in 2007 in Springs Gauteng, South Africa with the vision to provide a wide array of elite services to clients. MFC takes pride in delivering performance and stability in our systems we build using industry leading quality hardware.

    We supply all major Hardware brands and selected software for all computer needs. Micro Fusion also offer web designing, development and setting up hosting for personal blogs, forums, clan Sites, profile pages, business profiles and more.

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    Micro Fusion Computers