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What Micro Fusion can offer and some news on current events

At the Office

Micro Fusion Computers Has a New face. We have changed a few things around here on the site so that it will be a bit more useful
We have also moved to Support GNU/Linux Ubuntu as a Alternative Operating System to Microsoft's Windows 8 But don't Worry We still Offer support for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

About Downtime

Thanks to Eskoms Load-shedding Micro Fusion Computers are Sometime Down for a few hours.
We apologise for the inconvenience but its out of our control at this time. Even if our Generators
are running our ISP goes down in the area and therefore Micro Fusion's Servers cannot be reached.

What happened to the Forums ?

Due to inactivity and rapid changes we have made we have decided to suspend the forums section for now.
Yes that's right. The forums are gone. Maybe in future I'll Reopen them, who knows But for now, all information will be reported here and on Ascensions Main site

All User Data we collected like user accounts, Email accounts, file attachments and Posts are now Gone.
We'll start completely fresh if we ever implement forums again...

MFC Timer Pro

We have recently Released the MFC Internet Cafe Timer for Microsoft Windows.
Making it a True Cross platform Application for small to medium internet café's

Hush Sleep Timer

Just in time for Winter, Hush is for Movie lovers that uses their Computers as media centers
Hush is a small application that can act as a sleep timer to windows much like a TV's sleep timer

Modern Warfare 3

We have a Public Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server Up for anyone to Join
it Requires the TeknoMW3 modification so check that out if you have it


We have a section where you can download for free MW3 server plug-ins made for infinityscript
Currently they only work with the TeknoMW3 project

Black OPS

Yes that's right, the Black OPS server is back again.
Even though Population right now is minimal. The Situation might change soon. Its a Alpha Test

PC Repairs and Upgrades

Using only top quality part, our customers can rest assure that any repair or upgrade we do is engineered to last and perform. We here at MFC will never compromise quality whatsoever.

MFC understands today's digital Lifestyles and we take every step to make sure that you don't have to wait for your PC. We will have it up and running again the very same day is its not a major Hardware fault.

All our Parts and Products carry with them a 1 year Guarantee, and will be replaced, not repaired in case of failure.

Our Personel are Fully Qualified PC Engineers and System Support Specialists, Ready to deal with any trouble you come across. We have been in this business for over 15 years.

We carry a vast Product range including but not limited to: Asus, Razer, Antec, Corsair, Coolermaster, Kingston, Seagate, MSI, Thermaltake, Zalman, Palit, LG, Samsung, Procase, Logitech, Canon, Genuis, Microsoft, D-Link, Scullcandy, HP, Thermalright, Lain-Li, MDA, Lenovo, Sunix, Vizo and more...

New PC Assemblies

For our Gamers:
Gaming has always been one of our Keystones, We have a wide array of Gaming Gear, Modding Selection, Motherboards, CPU's and Memory to build you your Dream Machine. our PC's dont just turn heads but they Dominate the battlefields with sheer Power, and Performance.

For the Office:
Tired of getting to work only to find your PC is not working any more. All the data is Gone,..? Our Office PC's will provide you with a fast reliable platform so that you can do what needs to be done and not worry about what might happen to your work, MFC office PC's are Fast reliable, Safe and Stable.

For Servers:
Our Engineered Server Platforms will work and continue to serve you day after day, with little to no Downtime Powered by powerful Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron Processors with X64bit native Support, enought RAM and HardDrive Space in RAID, all wrapped up in a solid Aluminium Case that looks good in any setting. Loaded with Linux Server Software or Windows Server Software, the choice is yours

For Mobility
We carry a wide variety of Notebooks, Laptops, and Netbooks for all needs, Shapes and sizes.

Virus Removal and Data Recovery

Incoming Windows killers
Viruses are everywhere and just like Humans your PC can get infected. There is nothing worse then Switching your PC on only to find that things are not working and some Data is missing your OS is slowly crashing and pretty soon it will need to be buried.

Here at Micro Fusion Computers we Specialise in Identifying Isolating and Removing the Threat before more damage is done. The damage that is already done we will then attempt to repair without loosing your Data. but prevention is still the best route

We stock Powerful AntiVirus Applications that has been tried and tested. We recommend it to all our customers and use it ourselfs Don't be a victim, get protection and save yourself from disappointment and your PC and Data from annihilation.

Visit us Today for Professional Advice

Website Design

Would you like a Website of your Own, or maybe a personal Blog ?

We here at Micro Fusion can offer you Many different options and Designs, From a Simple Profile page for a Company to a Fully Functional Website.

Our Web design Packages starts at around R2500 for a simple layout. For a more personal Approach we recommend that you contact us so we can sit down and discuss your Needs

We also offer light web-hosting powered by Rock solid Linux Servers. backed with PHP and MySQL for database support.

From Flash sites to Blogs and Forums we have it all. And best of all we do everything for you, which means you dont have to know the first thing about Internet, Website creation or any coding Jargon whatsoever, Let us take care of it for you.

What Else ?

  • We are Leaders in Gaming Technology
  • We re-manufacture Laser Toners Cartridges
  • We do UPS battery Replacement
  • We offer Networking solutions
  • Broadband Internet Solutions
  • Software Installation and Setups
  • Technical Support

  • Testimonials

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    • Works as Stated. Is very useful, Thanks

      Application image
      • Collin Downey
      • Hush Sleep Timer
    • Thank you for the professional service and outstanding quality of products, I'll definitely recommend you to others.

      Application image
      • S. Visser
      • Micro Fusion
    • Thank you Guys so much for the WebQuery script. Now I can finally display my MW3 Servers status on my website. Greets from Spain

      Application image
      • David Santos
      • Infinityscript
    • Using the MFC internet Cafe Timer program on Linux Mint. Its easy and effective, Works well.

      Application image
      • Rob Mathews
      • MFC Timer for Linux
    • I've been using the MFC Timer in my Linux Internet Cafe for over 2 years now. Very Happy with it

      Application image
      • Michelle
      • MFC Timer for Linux
    • You mean I don't have to pay for expert advice like this anyomre?!

      Application image
      • Delia
      • Micro Fusion
    • Awesome, Looks really good and works very Well

      Application image
      • Steve Markin
      • MFC Timer for Linux

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    My Work

    Check out our programming projects on the Software Page.

    About Us

    Learn more about Me & Micro Fusion Computers

    The Founder
    Anton Silvers

    Anton (T0T3NK0PF) Silvers

    I am the Founder of Micro Fusion Computers (MFC), a professional system administrator, web developer and programmer experiences in C# and Qt C++. I have over 20 years experience in the Information Technology fields ranging from Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X. I Custom Build High Performance Gaming systems and Servers Alike. Over the years. I have Contributed to numerous projects from programming, to Server System Implementations and Designs of all sorts.

    The Company
    Micro Fusion Computers

    Micro Fusion Computers

    Micro Fusion Computers was Founded in 2007 with the vision to provide a wide array of services to our Clients. Micro Fusion Computers is located in Springs Gauteng, South Africa. We supply all major Hardware brands and selected software for all computer needs. We also offer web Designing, Development and Hosting from Personal Blogs, Forums, Clan Sites, Profile Pages and more.

    Massive LAN Event
    Ascension LAN

    The Ascension LAN

    Ascension is an Upcoming Massive LAN event hosted monthly. For now its Dormant as it is still in planning stages. The delay is caused due to the Current Power situation in South Africa as well as a few other Factors like, Location, The masses and so forth. But it is no way "Dead". For updates we Recommend checking out Ascension LAN's main page.

    Linux Mint

    for Desktop, Laptop and Notebook Users

    Linux Mint Linux Mint Login Screen Linux Mint Desktop Linux Mint GUI

    Some Key Highlights of Linux Mint

    • First off like most other GNU/Linux Distro's Linux Mint is Free
    • No License keys. No limit on installs, go ahead spread it, legally
    • Perfect for everyday computing tasks including Email, Web, IM, multimedia programming design and much more
    • Familiar GUI for Windows Users and easy to use and get around doing what you do best
    • Comes with all essential software right out the Box
    • Can be used alongside Windows and won't interfere
    • Linux Mint can be used on a variety of computer systems new and old
    • Its sleek and fast. As in, really really fast
    • No anti-virus needed. Linux Mint can be used without security software safely
    • Low System Requirements means you can run it on pretty much any PC these days
    • Linux updates Software and the OS all in one, no more looking for updates all over the internet
    • Linux Mint can be tweaked and supports themes including custom boot screens and Login screens
    • Mint Works with Windows Networks right off the bat and can also access NTFS file systems
    • Finding help is easy, Abundant resources if you do get stuck and a huge Community
    • Manage lots a great Application all available in one place and also free
    • 5 year LTS release cycle means you don't have to upgrade very often and upgrading is painless quick and easy
    • With WINE you can even run selected Windows Niche software too, even some games

    Why not try something different. Microsoft Windows is okay and all, but there are alternatives...
    Linux Mint is a great alternative to Windows for every day Computing, It's also completely Free, fast and stable.
    Micro Fusion Computers supports Linux Mint on Desktops, It's the third most used OS in the World.

    Current Stable LTS Release - Recommended
    Get Linux Mint

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    We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.


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